Hi Sinead Delaney here, vitality triber, nutritional therapist, motivational coach, wife to Paddy and mum to three rascals. I run a very busy nutritional therapy clinic in Tipperary, Ireland. Thanks for stopping by. I have found my life purpose and to say I am passionate about it would be a HUGE understatement. Let me reverse here a little. You see I wasn’t a very healthy child, teenager, young adult. I suffered constant bloating, pain and low energy.

Sound crappy? It was. I was diagnosed with something weird sounding called irritable bowel syndrome. What? My bowel was irritated? What the hell does that mean? I was given medication to help with the symptoms but it didn’t make much difference to me. I resigned myself to this being my lot and was very much vertically ill … hey what’s that I hear you say … I was getting on with life, college, socialising, having fun but not really feeling alive. I mean really really feeling alive. Because guess what? Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel. Isn’t that sad?



So you probably guessed it by now……my diet during all this time was crap, crap crap.  Relaxation techniques……what were they? Heading to the pub for a few quick ones?   Mindset? Oh it was set alright on giving hers truly a hard time! So one day the light bulb went off……was what I was eating/doing contributing to my illness? NEVER?? Yip you guessed it again. It was big time. I experimented. Felt a little better. Cleaned up my act majorly and guess what. IBS is no longer at my doorstep and good riddance. Let’s see what my journey taught me and what I can share with you.


From my extensive training in nutrition I know what we put in our mouths is mega important! But that is not the full story. We also need to look at how we think and feel. My approach is very simple.  I use my years of  motivational training to help my clients assess what needs to change and what way they truly want to feel.  Because when you know what way you want to really feel and what you want to achieve, I have a huge toolkit to help you!



As you will see from my story what we put in our mouths is mega important!. Do you know we are literally made from what we eat?  Every 35 days your skin replaces itself. Your liver about a month. Your body makes these new cells from what you eat.  Guess what your hormones are made from? You nailed it. Your food.  Our hormones determine how we feel. Eat crap feel crap.  Shocking! What you eat literally becomes you! I know I don’t want to be one giant mars bar! I have worked with 100s of clients giving them the short cut tools to make them feel amazing.  They come in the door feeling weary, tired, fed up of trying to figure it out on their own and a few weeks later are bouncing with enthusiasm and crazy energy. My philosophy in four words: Simple changes Big results! But how do we make simple changes? Isn’t it a simple change to decide to go the gym?  Unfortunately gym owners lose half the people that signed up 1st January by middle of February. New Years resolutions sound familiar? So many great ideas I had sabotaged by end of January! It wasn’t until I worked on my mindset and  limiting beliefs  that were holding me back that I could make simple changes with ease.  Read on to to learn more about how our mental attitudes affect us big time!



What does mindset mean? It is simply the attitudes /behaviours/ thought processes we automatically display. See that I used the word automatically? Because these attitudes can often be subconscious learned behaviours. Ok getting complicated now. So learned behaviours are behaviours we have learned since childhood. We see our peers reacting in certain ways and our subconscious reckons this is the way to go so we subconsciously adopt those responses.  We end up with habits and beliefs that may not serve us in a positive way.   A limiting belief is simply statements/generalisations about ourselves we accept as fact. A habit is simply a learned behaviour that has been repeated so many times it has become something we do without thinking – whether it is good or bad. Want to hear the good news?  It takes 3 weeks to break a habit, 6 weeks to make a new habit and 36 weeks to hardwire that habit so it becomes an unconscious behaviour. Ok sound easy? Gotta be honest here making changes will require a certain amount of planning, consistency and re-setting behaviours to keep you on the right path. That is where the vitality tribe comes into play. We do it together.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Helen Keller

Remember Ghostbusters? Well I am what you would call a limiting beliefs buster. I will rail through your limiting beliefs like a steam engine and will hold your hand while we re-set behaviours and make new habits that will bring you where you want to go! Join the journey by coming into my free tribe. Link below



Relaxation that must be easy eh? You’d think so but unfortunately in todays fast world it can be very hard to switch off. This is taking it’s toll and we need to do something about it! If you think about it when do our brains ever shut down? When we sleep? Oops maybe not as we dream then. So actually our little brains( calling mine little not yours☺) don’t get to shut down. Wow no wonder we struggle to remember stuff? You know the person you meet on the street that you know well but their name for a minute has taken the last flight to Australia? Sound familiar. So part of my ethos in helping people feel alive, I mean really alive is to give them the tools to relax. Meditation is complete therapy for the brain. No No don’t shut down because I mentioned meditation…… because I felt like that too. How do you do this? Isn’t it boring? I don’t have time to sit down humming! Well meditation isn’t like that. You only need 5 minutes and the benefits are HUGE. Lower blood pressure, reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease, improved sleep, majorly reduced anxiety. Lower stress, do I need to go on? Get the picture. We kinda need it! At the vitality tribe we give you tools and techniques to make this mindset thingy so much easier and achievable. We have it down to a tee. Once you start you will wonder why you didn’t do it years ago.