Moira Geary

I feel so much better … I would absolutely and highly recommend Sinead to anybody

Mary Condon

I was at a crossroads regarding what to eat and saw on Facebook that Sinead was doing a free talk in the Savoy Hotel … I’ve never looked back since …

Anne Marie Parry

Before working with Sinead I was feeling really tired and down … Working with Sinead has been absolutely amazing, she’s really helped me …

Barry Cole

Before working with Sinead, life was slow and heavy … I now feel more in control …

  • The programme was very interesting and I learned a lot. I feel my health has improved, my energy levels have increased and also my concentration. I’m sorry it’s over and it has opened my eyes to a new healthier way of eating.


  • My sleep pattern was poor and this was a vicious circle and caused me huge anxiety. Now with the help of this programme I feel more alert.


  • There was a huge shift in my relationship with food, never felt hungry or deprived. Appreciated the positive encouragement every week from Sinead.


  • I broke the zig zag cycle, much more energy, feel good, really worked for me, great programme, sinead hits the nail on the head.


  • Better mood, better able to cope, generally happier, feel more confident experimenting with food, my children’s diet has improved immensely.


  • I finally realise what it is to feel well.


  • Getting my blood pressure back to normal made it all worth-while.


My sleep pattern was poor and this was a vicious cycle and caused me huge anxiety. Now with the help of Sinead and this programme I feel way more alert


At the start of the programme I suffered from indigestion and bloating but this has now gone completely since my diet has improved


Fantastic Health improvements including reduced headaches/PMS/Improved sleep, reduced stress, increased energy


Delighted with my weight loss, feel great and the programme is realistic and a way of life rather than a diet, support from Sinead was abosolutely excellent


I feel wonderful and my menopause symptoms have imroved so much. (No mood swings and only the odd hot flush-thank you Sinead


Wish I done this years ago. Eating more healthy, found it amazing


This programme has educated me about food and what I should and should not be eating. I enjoyed learning about this and Sinead is very knowledgable and passionate about her job.


I learned so much on this course and sinead was very inspiring and informative in a lovely friendly manner


More energy, less hot flushes, feeling more confident


Energy levels much better, sleeping really well, taking responsibility for my choices


I recommend anyone to do this programme, it gave me so much information and knowledge of food and health in general that would benefit everyone


This programme was very worthwhile, informative and life-changing


I would advise anyone to do this programme-very enjoyable


More energy, pains in my legs have decreased by 90%


This Programme worked so well for me. Digestion working so much better, No bloating. Feel amazing


Love the Programme. Improved my relationship with food, sleeping a lot better now and have more energy


Lost weight, have become more mindful of what I eat, this is a wonderful programme and extremely interesting


It has been fantastic. Lost a stone, feel great, huge amount of energy. I’m coming back


Have found the programme very informative, it has changed how I see food and I feel I have a great variety of food choices, Sinead you are amazing


Delighted with my weight loss, feel great. This programme is realistic and a way of life rather than a diet


Fantastic Health improvements including reduced headaches/PMS, improved sleep, reduced stress, increased energy


I plagued people quoting what you said Sinead, this programme had changed my life


I had tried many programmes before. The vitality tribe is the only truly healthy programme and only programme which gave me confidence in myself